Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2012 Mini Swap- What I Received from Petitcat

I participated in the Sprite Stitch Mini Swap, and received these amazing gifts from Petitcat!!! :clap: Yes, everything arrived in tact. :) Because I've been in the middle of moving, it's taken me a bit to take the photos, but here they are!

I'm going to quote from her letter a bit to help explain everything. First is her inventory list:
honey jar with pika-bee
dragon potholders
Pikachu colored cup holder
Star Trek place-mats
Danish marzipan chocolate
Here is a closeup of the Pika-bee jar:

Petitcat says that the jar with the Pika-bee cover on it is wild flower honey from her local farmers market, and that there is a guy who makes it himself and that it's good quality. I love honey! It's so sweet (pun intended) that you sent it to me and thought to make the cover. I love Pikachu :pika and I have a major affinity for bees. In fact, I have a silver necklace with a small bee charm that I never take off.
On to more gifts! Here is a closeup of one of the dragons from the potholders:

Here is Petitcat's description: "The dragon potholders pattern is from a book with patterns from the Middle Ages, and I just liked it so much. The dragon is from the 13th century, so it's old, but it's one of my favorites. (I have a soft spot for really old stuff.)"
The potholders are so cool! :D They are so well made too. Did you sew the potholder part too? It's so professional. And the dragons are beautifully stitched. :)
And, of course, I LOVE the Star Trek com badges. :grin: 

Thank you so much for everything, petitcat!!!!!!!!! :hug: 

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