Friday, November 2, 2012

My Amazing Swap Gifts from Blackmageheart, and My Thank You Gifts in Return

I should have posted this a while ago. This is what I received in a group shot:
I got the most amazing Harvest Moon display set that you can possibly imagine. Everything is stitched! The time that must have gone into this is mind-boggling. Here is a closeup.
Not only is everything stitched on BOTH sides, she also made the little plots of land 3D so that the fruits and vegetables can stand up. The 3D house is soooo cute. Jack, the cow, the chickens, the chicks, the duck, and the ducklings are all attached to pence coins, which throws in some international flair.
She also stitched a lot of my favorite Pokemon!!! :pika (Piplup, Turtwig, Squirtle, Slowpoke, Bellossom, Pikachu, Chikorita, Wooper, Celebi, and Raichu. I'm a sucker for cuteness.)
She made me a cute tea pouch, with earl grey tea inside. This is, of course, a reference to one of the best shows ever made- Star Trek:The Next Generation.
She also included some delicious chocolate, and two cute cards. One is an awesome Mucha-style Erica (my favorite Pokemon trainer) card. The other card is from her little girl. It's super cute.

Since I got totally spoiled, I felt I just had to make thank you gifts. Here is the first one:
This is a screenshot from one of BMH's favorite game series, Phantasy Star. (It is much straighter in real life than it appears in the picture.)
I also made her a TNG badge necklace, based on the pattern I made. I also threw in a great postcard of Riker and a couple original TNG trading cards.

And so, the 2012 Sprite Stitch Big Swap was really fun and I'm so glad I participated! :D


  1. You did get spoiled! :D Everything looked so fun and it was so great of you to stitch thank yous for BMH!

  2. Thank you so much rosey! That was stuff for the Big Swap. Now I'm already ready to post stuff for the Mini Swap! I get a little behind on my blog... but thanks for reading! And I will keep updating. ;)