Tuesday, December 25, 2012

December Challenge: Villains.... Char Char Char!

The challenge for December on Sprite Stitch is villains, and even though I know not a lot of people are familiar with Mobile Suit Gundam (not people that I know anyway), my husband is totally into it and I've seen quite a bit of if it. My favorite character is Char Aznable. I found a great sprite of him from an arcade game from 1993. Here he is:
There is a great quote to describe Char from hardcoregaming101.net:
"Char Aznable is arguably the most iconic anime character in history. He's idolized and quoted in Japan in much the same way people in America idolize and quote Darth Vader. Known as the infamous Red Comet, Char remains Amuro's rival from the One Year War until last Neo Zeon War 14 years later. He believes that Newtypes are the next evolutionary step for mankind, and that they should inherit the universe." 
I know that it's very unlikely that I will win this challenge since not a lot of people are familiar with Gundam, but I'm okay with that. It was fun to make, I love how it came out, and my husband thinks it's "awesome." ;)
And as a bonus, here is the awesome Char song.

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