Saturday, September 8, 2012

'Allo! Worm from Labyrinth embroidery... and more swap goodies!

Somehow I forgot to post this! I participated in the big swap at Sprite Stitch in the spring/early summer. I was assigned to make gifts for boochocoboom, and one of her favorite movies is Labyrinth. It's also my husband's favorite movie, and he immediately thought of the cute worm that says "'Allo!" I made a line drawing of him on cream fabric and stitched him up. He is framed in a 9" hoop, to give you an idea of his size. The stitches are all pretty simple, mostly backstitch, brick stitch, and satin stitch.
I also made boochocoboom a necklace with a "boo" a "choco" (a chocobo) and a "boom" (a bob-omb.)
Then, since all stitchers need a needlebook, I made her a Sprite Stitch felt needlebook in purple, one of her favorite colors.
But what did I receive? Only some AMAZING gifts from blackmageheart. I will reveal more details in the post to follow. :D


  1. I love this film !!! And your embroidery is absolutely awesome !!! <3<3<3

    1. Thank you so much. I love your stitching too. :D

  2. I want this! This is sooo cute. I love Labyrinth, too!