Sunday, March 4, 2012

Latest challenge entry, plus free pattern!

The current challenge at (in the forums) is... hard to explain. Here's an excerpt:

"You have a choice of project types (or you can do both, if you're like that). One type with dimensions of no larger than 32 x 8 (pixels / stitches). One type in a space of any shape from a game, but with something different inside it. There's going to be a limit your entries on this, I don't wanna see more than two of each type from you! That is 4 in total, for those of you who may just be waking up, or going to sleep, or are rubbish at counting. So choose wisely!"

Here is my first entry for the 8 x 32. I call it "The Chicken Strip." :D
The chicken is from Harvest Moon, and the chicks are from Minish Cap.
Click on the pattern to see it bigger (and to be able to read it, unless you've got eagle eyes!)

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